Marta and Flavio

Hello! For many years, our dream was to open a bed & breakfast, and now that dream has come true.

About ten years ago, we started working in the world of catering and event organization in Milan, and that is when we started to dream. Our experience includes working abroad: we managed a quality Italian restaurant in the heart of Paris for two years, and our work there was greatly appreciated.

Then the moment came to return to Italy, to realize our dream, and we chose Florence, symbol of art, beauty and culture, loved by Italians and foreigners alike. It has the ideal human dimension for those who want to get to know its spirit and soul. Thus we created Canto degli Aranci, our bed & breakfast in the heart of Florence.

Something about us: we love to travel and we love art, and we are passionate about food and wine, but you probably already figured that out.

We look forward to welcoming you to Canto degli Aranci!

Marta and Flavio