Cookies Policy


Our site uses cookies, as almost all websites do, in order to help us furnish the best experience possible. Cookies are little files of text that are deposited on your computer or cell phone during navigation of websites. Cookies cannot transmit viruses or install malware.

European and Italian regulations prescribe that the user be adequately informed about the use of cookies and thus express his/her valid consent.

Article 122 of the Privacy Code refers to this, where it states that “storing data, or accessing data that is already stored, in the computer equipment of a contracting party or user shall be permitted solely on the condition that the contracting party or user has given his/her consent after being informed in accordance with the simplified procedures as specified by Article 13, comma 3”. (Art. 122, comma 1 of the Code on the subject of protection of personal data).

If the software settings that you are using to view our site (your browser) are set to accept cookies, your continued use of our website means that you have accepted our use of cookies. If you wish to remove or discontinue use of cookies by our site, you can follow the instructions below, but by doing so, our site will probably not work as well as one might expect.

Further information about our Cookies

Technical cookies for website functioning

We use cookies to allow our site to function well on the web and guarantee various services, among which:

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making navigation easier; establishing if you are connected or not; remembering the research parameters.

Our cookies help us to: – make our website as one would expect it to be; – avoid having to log in every time you visit the site; – remember the parameters during and between visits; – improve speed/safety of the site; – continuously improve our website for you; – make our marketing more efficient.

We do not use cookies to:

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collect all personal data for identification (without your express consent); collect all confidential data (without your express consent); communicate data to advertising networks; communicate personal data to third parties;

pay sales commissions.

Analytics Cookies, Statistics about visits done anonymously

We use cookies to compile statistics about visitors, like the number of people who have visited our site, what type of technology they are using (for example, Mac or Windows, which helps us to understand when our site is not working as it should for particular types of technology), how long they stay on the site, which page they look at, etc. This helps us to continuously improve our website. These so-called cookies analytics tells us in a completely anonymous way also how people have reached our site (for example, from a search engine) and if they were already on the site in the past. This helps us better orient our investment in the development of services for users.

How to deactivate Cookies

Usually it is possible to deactivate cookies by modifying the browser settings to prevent accepting cookies. In this way, however, you will probably limit the functions of our site and a great number of websites throughout the world, because cookies are a standard part of the great majority of current websites.

The majority of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) are configured to accept cookies. Cookies memorized on the hard drive of your device may in any case be canceled, and moreover, it is possible to dis-enable cookies following the instructions provided in the sections dedicated to browser settings. In the alternative, you can consult the site of the browser used.